About Us

Diamond Preschool is....

We are an independent charity, opened in 2009. We are funded by the county council for children to start preschool the term after their 3rd birthday. We are situated on the Oakway Academy site, operating from a single-story building. Offering a range of exciting activities to develop your child's knowledge through play.We have a large open plan room and an enclosed playground which allows children to play and explore their surroundings through climbing, running, riding bikes and exploring the natural areas within the environment, in which the teachers plan for each day based on the child's interests.


We offer 24 spaces per session, offering 5 morning sessions or 5 afternoon sessions. These hours can be extended if you qualify for the 30 hour entitlement. For more information this can be found on the government website, click the pencil above to find out more. To find more information on 30 hours and how to apply visit our Contact us and apply page above. 

Ofsted has consistently rated our preschool as 'good' since opening in 2009.

A quote from their report this year is "Children are motivated in their play and they develop a positive attitude to learning."

And "The staff support children's communication and language well"

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We use an online journal for the children's portfolios called the tapestry It is a way of creating observations and a chance for all parents to get involved and see what their child has been doing whilst at preschool. You can see their observations, photos and even videos. Parents can leave comments and they can put their own photos or videos of what they have been doing at home. 

Children's portfolios can only be seen by their own parents and nobody else. 

To log on to your child's journal click on the logo below.


Are policies are available to view on request, at a visit or via email.

Email: Preschooldlc@gmail.com

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At Diamond Preschool our vision is to 'Reach the sky and beyond' and this applies to every aspect of preschool life. 


Be a team.

Everyone is valued.

Respect should be shown to everyone.

Realise the potential of the children in our care.

You can choose your path.

Be safe and keep others safe.

Open your mind to learning new things.

We are proud of our children and staff


-We value working in partnership with parents and carers.

-We value respect and huge emphasis on good manners, respecting everybody and being respectful of the world around us. 

-We value the ideal that learning should be an enjoyable experience for all. 

-We are proud to uphold British values and our commitment is embedded throughout our teaching and learning